Face mask

We receive the enlargement of the new coronavirus and let ezum mask be given to the customer who bought the product at ezumi online store. If you would like to place the size of the note in the "memo column" of the cart screen at the time of purchase, we will send you the desired size. You cannot choose color.

* if the mask present is lost, it ends. There is a case where you can not be prepared even if you have the desired size. Please understand beforehand.
* if there is no description of your desired size, we will send you an L size.
* please refrain from changing the color size of the mask you have given me.

The original fabric made from ezumi20ss collection is made up of three layers of fabric, and it is made of 100% cotton gauze on the surface of the fabric, and it is soft and soft. It is designed to be structured and three-dimensional by adopting dart like ezumi design. In the middle of the mask, you can wear one or more darts, the design is different from the upper and lower sides, so you can wear it up and down according to your face. Navy check and green check.

I sell it with a mask single item. Free
Facemask is here